Our Services

We provide advisory services to businesses on an as-needed basis or for a continued period of time. Our attorneys provide an array of services advising businesses on issues such as corporate structure, risk management, insurance, HR, legal compliance, succession, benefits, training, employee management and much more. We also assist with drafting relevant documents such as operating agreements, corporate minutes, resolutions, handbooks, employee contracts, vendor and licensing agreements, and anything else you may need.

Our attorneys have formed countless businesses including limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships. We also provide advice regarding which type of business you should form and guide you on the best location to do so. Our services also include registering to do business in other states and filing all related documents.

We can help your business reorganize ownership, legal interests, or restructure so as to make it more profitable and better positioned for its current needs. Many businesses start as small ventures and need to restructure as they grow. Our attorneys can work with you to review your current structure and determine how best to suit your unique needs.

When disputes arise in the business context, it is very important to have an experienced litigator that understands the ins and outs of commercial litigation. We handle all types of business litigation, including breach of contract cases, partnership or joint venture disputes, breach of fiduciary allegations, shareholder issues, business torts, employment litigation, franchise litigation, and any other court or alternative dispute resolution matters which may arise.

Many transactional issues arise when running a business. We can assist you in drafting contracts and agreements that protect your interests. Our attorneys strive to understand exactly what you wish to gain by entering into the agreement and then draft accordingly. We deal with all kinds of transactions including operating agreements, subcontractor agreements, marketing agreements and countless other agreements.

Our attorneys have experience providing legal services to the insurance industry, insurance companies and the regulators responsible for their supervision, both as legal counsel and as business advisors. Additionally, we can represent insurance companies or businesses in complex litigation cases, corporate matters and coverage actions involving insurance issues.

Construction projects can be very risky, complicated, and complex, which is why litigation frequently arises in this context. Litigation in this arena is often technical and very fact-specific. Our attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the analyses of topics such as design deficiencies, labor delays, construction inefficiency, and the money damages that are related to these topics. We work with construction companies, independent contractors, and those who have hired others to provide construction services.

Our attorneys can help you navigate certain aspects of intellectual property law. Trademarks protect a name or symbol which can be used to identify goods or services. Our attorneys are able to aid you in applying for these protections, gaining these protections, and defending these protections from use by others.

Labor and employment law involves the rights and duties that exist between employers and their employees. The government has enacted many laws to ensure that workers are kept safe and treated fairly with regard to hours and wages and a general workplace environment. Our attorneys can help your business understand these regulations, and ensure that you are abiding by all relevant labor laws. We can also tailor employment contracts to ensure that you are protected in the case of an employment dispute. Employee Handbooks are another important piece of this puzzle. We can work with you to determine what policies and procedures you want to put in place for your employees.

Our attorneys can assist you with franchising your business. This means selling rights to your name, business logo, and model to third parties who will engage in the business in another location. We can help you draft the documents you need to sell a franchise right and take you through the legal process to do so. In addition, our attorneys have valuable franchise litigation experience on behalf of franchisors and master-franchisees in Federal Court and in the alternative dispute resolution format.

Product liability and tort law comes into play when a consumer is harmed by a manufacturer’s product. We can assist your business to defend against product liability and tort cases.

Our attorneys have successfully represented buyers and sellers in many commercial real estate transactions. We can assist you through the beginning stages of the sale, through closing, and continue on to help with issues involved in commercial real estate.

Our attorneys have relationships with various banks and many connections which enable us to gain a full understanding of any banking and commercial lending issues that may arise for you or your business. We can provide various services such as drafting or reviewing commercial loan agreements, drafting repurchase agreements, filing UCC-1s to properly secure a loan, and much more. Our team works with you to streamline the process and come up with creative solutions to save you money and time.

B&B Law’s Resort and Hospitality team is counsel hotel and resort companies across the U.S. and internationally. Our attorneys advise clients on hotel and resort management and operational matters including mixed-use projects, management agreements, franchise agreements, labor and employment matter, ADA compliance and all litigation arising out of same.