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Business Advisory, Formation & Business Restructuring

Business Advisory: We provide advisory services to businesses on an as-needed basis or for a continued period of time. Our attorneys provide an array of services advising businesses on issues such as corporate structure, risk management, insurance, HR, legal compliance, succession, benefits, training, employee management and much more. We also assist with drafting relevant documents […]

Commercial Litigation, Transactional & Insurance

Commercial Litigation: When disputes arise in the business context, it is very important to have an experienced litigator that understands the ins and outs of commercial litigation. We handle all types of business litigation, including breach of contract cases, partnership or joint venture disputes, breach of fiduciary allegations, shareholder issues, business torts, employment litigation, franchise […]

Construction Litigation, Property, Employment

Construction Litigation: Construction projects can be very risky, complicated, and complex, which is why litigation frequently arises in this context. Litigation in this arena is often technical and very fact-specific. Our attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the analyses of topics such as design deficiencies, labor delays, construction inefficiency, and the money damages that are related to […]